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  • For Hair and Skin Care
  • Anti-Dandruff, Anti-lice and Protective against Ectoparasites
  • Prevention is Better Than CurePrepared from selected herbs, Neem Herbal Shampoo can be used as an effective and safe
  • measure to ensure optimum skin and hair hygiene.
  • Promotes fast healing of all kinds of wounds (可迅速的把伤口治愈)
  • Facilitates quick recovery from fungal and bacterial skin infections (可治愈真菌感染和皮肤感染)
  • Helps to kill and expel maggots and quick healing of maggotted wounds and FMD associated foot-lesions (可驱逐以及消灭蛆的生长)
  • Helps complete recovery from all types of mange with effect against all stages of mites including eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults- Effectively controls inflammations, pain, burning sensation and itching (可消炎,舒缓疼痛以及痕痒)