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Bark Pet Sheets 450x600mm(50pcs)/宠物尿垫/狗尿垫
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Brand Bark
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  • Pet sheet-450x600mm
  • Ultra Absorbent Elements, SAP Super Absorbent Polymers
  • To be used during shampooring / cleaning and brushing, helps to clear up unwanted hair.
  • Assist in the removal of waste and urine on occasions where time does not permit us to bring our pet for walk, charcoal / carbon added to aid in removing bad odor.
  • Place the pad under the snack bowl to contain spillage during feeding hours.
  • Serve as a protection layer on sofa.
  • Serve as a protector when placing your lovely pet in your car.
  • Keeping your pet warm when ill.
  • Serve as a protector for your pet’s bed and at the same time provide warm. 8. Serve as a protector for your pet’s carriers.

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1 x Bark Pet Sheets 450x600mm(50pcs)