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Bexton Neem Dog Herbal Shampoo for Dog (Against Fleas, Ticks, Mites & Lice) 250ml
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Brand Bexton
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  • For Hair and Skin Care
  • Anti-Dandruff, Anti-lice and Protective against Ectoparasites
  • Prevention is Better Than CurePrepared from selected herbs, Neem Herbal Shampoo can be used as an effective and safe
  • measure to ensure optimum skin and hair hygiene.

Bexton Neem Dog Herbal Shampoo

  • Neem Herbal Shampoo application keeps the skin and hair clean and free from dandruff and ectoparastic infestation and vitalizes the body and hair coat with a lustrous and glossy appearance
  • Neem Herbal Shampoo prevents itching, uneasiness and irritability caused by dust, dirt or pollen grains etc. and thus renders the pets to be more active, alert, lively, playful and companionable
  • Neem Herbal Shampoo promotes hair growth and makes the skin and hair coat soft along with conditioning of hair
  • Neem Herbal Shampoo is Effective and Naturally Safe enriched by natural fragrance liked by pets and the handlers


  1. Wet the coat thoroughly with water. Apply the required quality of TifliBan and rub thoroughly into the depth of hair to obtain foam. For better results ensure contact time of 15-20 min.
  2. Rinse well, towel dry anf brush the coat thoroughly or use as directed by your veterinarian.
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1 X Bexton Neem Dog Herbal Shampoo for Dog 250ML