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Vitakraft Premium Menu Vital Hamster Food 1kg
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Brand Vitakraft
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  • Essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements prevent symptoms of deficiency.
  • Proteins cover the energy requirements.
  • Odour stop: Natural minerals and plant extracts reduce unpleasant odours in excrement.
  • Natural without colourings or preservatives, no artificial flavourings.
  • Sugar-free recipe.
  • Developed with vets and rodent specialists
  •  Made In Germany

Premium Menu Vital is a species-appropriate, balanced mix for hamsters, which not only taste the animals delicious, but also give them everything they need for a healthy life. The proven vital complex also prevents deficiency symptoms and ensures an extra boost of vitality!

Valuable grains, high-quality seeds, crunchy nuts... The food contains many tasty ingredients that a dwarf hamster would also look for in nature. The mixture is made according to a sugar-free recipe and of course contains no fruits - ideal for small rodents. Vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements also help in optimal care of the animals.


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1 x Vitakraft Premium Menu Vital Hamster Food 1kg